There’s a lot going on in the American west, there’s no doubt about that, and when it comes to some of the very best states in the American west it really is hard to narrow them down because so many of them are full of excitement, natural beauty, great people and fun times to be had all the time. But there is one state that stands out amongst the crowd of other western states as almost an island of paradise in the middle of the entire country, and that state just so happens to be Colorado. I love Colorado so much and I was lucky enough to live there for five years of my life before moving to Los Angeles, and as you can imagine living in Los Angeles completely sucks compared to living in the beautiful state of Colorado where nature is everywhere and there aren’t so many douche bags that are constantly being idiots on the roads and doing stupid shit all the time like here in Los Angeles.

But fuck, California, because it really has got nothing on Colorado in any way shape or form no matter how adamant Californians are about how cool their state is and all that dumb shit they will never understand how cool Colorado is until they live there, which a lot of them end up doing because they get sick of California after a certain amount of time like any human would, but of course in Colorado there is a quaint and beautiful sense to the world where the people are even nicer than anywhere else in the country and the adventures and fun times are always just around the corner because it really is a place full of outdoor adventure.

Of course when it comes to the fun shit to do in Colorado everyone thinks of snow skiing and snowboarding because it really is one of the best places in the entire world to do winter sports because the mountains are absolutely gigantic and there is always a ton of snow that accumulates every winter in Colorado without fail. It’s always going to be like that there and it’s just so cool be cause Colorado is really experiencing a great year right now with a lot of great snow conditions at all the ski resorts and of course the Denver Broncos just winning the Super Bowl just the other day.

Yes, it is safe to say that Colorado is one of the best places to live on earth and there really is an endless amount of things to do there. One of the great things that a lot of people over look about Colorado is the summer time and of course when it is summer time in Colorado everyone is getting out deeper into the wilderness and backpacking to extreme areas and really getting out in nature for multiple days if not weeks at a time.

So if you are interested in doing some backpack adventures in Colorado then you have come to the right website because this entire list of articles is dedicated to all the cool shit to do in Colorado and this particular article is all about some really epic backpacking adventures that you can do in all different areas in Colorado. One of the really great areas for camping in general during the summer time in Colorado is an area that tends to not get as many tourists, but still is a well known area in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Also another completely epic area of Colorado is the San Juan Mountain Range as well as the Gunnison and Durango areas of the state where trails and campgrounds are literally everywhere and waterfalls can be found and jumped off of easily without fail.

So if you are interested in living in Colorado then you are an extremely smart individual because it is one of the best places on earth, and there is no denying the facts that Colorado will be one of the best places to live in for the rest of time and as long as humans populate this beautiful earth, and of course the beautiful state of Colorado. So go to Colorado, get lost, and find yourself in the process.