A lot of people like to rank the best states in the United States of America as if there is some kind of ratings system on cost of living and happiness levels across different areas, but let’s also be honest and say that living in Oklahoma probably isn’t the most fun place to be and settle down with your family. In fact, I’ve been to Oklahoma and it was actually a pretty place, but I could never imagine myself living there for any considerable amount of time, and that’s why there are a lot of places we call fly over states in the United States, and what’s so funny is that a lot of fly over states are right near one of the best sates in the country, and you probably already know that I’m talking about Colorado.

Colorado just is one of those places where a lot of people can settle down and be happy for the rest of their life. It’s the weather, it’s the people and it’s the entire energy in a place like Colorado that makes it such an amazing place. Oh, and did I forget to mention that there are a lot mountains in Colorado? Because when it comes down to it the Rocky Mountains in Colorado are some of the most beautiful mountains in all of the country, and there’s no denying the fact that they are some of the best mountains to ski and hike in no matter where you are on earth. It really is mountain country up in Colorado, and maybe you aren’t the type of person who enjoys cold weather, but if that is the case then you probably aren’t adventurous enough to live in a place like Colorado because the people who live and thrive in Colorado are the type of people who want to get out and enjoy the natural beauty and divine attributes of nature, and they definitely are tough enough to go on strenuous hikes and get out there because they like exercise and they want to get out in nature as much as humanly possible. It’s just part of the Colorado culture to want to be outdoors, and why wouldn’t you want to be outdoors all the time when the outdoors are seriously so freaking cool everywhere you look?

So if you are the type of person who loves Colorado, or maybe you are thinking about moving there sometime in the near future and you want to know what’s good out there, or maybe you even live in Colorado and you are just looking for some cool things to do next weekend or in the next few months then you have come to the right place on the internet because this entire website is dedicated to Colorado and all the cool shit that you can do throughout the state, so sit back relax, crack open a nice craft IPA and start reading away and enjoy what we got next for you on our website, which just so happens to be white water rafting.

Of course everyone thinks skiing is one of the biggest activities or sports in Colorado, and that’s because it definitely is, but of course skiing pretty much only happens in the winter time at resorts and in general unless you got some guts and the equipment to hike or skin up a glacier, then you can ski all year long in Colorado. But what happens come around May or June is that the snow starts to melt and run into some of the bigger rivers and creeks that run through giant canyons and down some incredible rapids all across the state. When this happens it is all of a sudden white water rafting season in Colorado, and this is one of the coolest activities and sports that you can do in the state. Of course a lot of people prefer kayaking, and kayaking is definitely a really fun thing to do as well during this time of the year, but the point is that if you are into this type of thing, and who isn’t, then Colorado is a great place to plan a trip to raft or just to go raft one afternoon on the weekend. Some good places to go rafting include Clear Creek Canyon near Idaho Springs as well as way out west near Durango and in that area of the San Juan Mountain Range. Of course Steamboat Springs and other areas across the state are also really great rafting rivers too.