About the Author

Hello my name is Travis Bildahld and I’m a nature photographer who lives in Colorado and loves having a great time in all of the natural areas. Yes, you could consider me a hippie of some sorts but that doesn’t really matter because when it comes down to it I just love being outside and in the great outdoors as much as humanly possible, and to me that means it feels good to be alive, especially when I’m alive in Colorado, USA. I’ve been a snowboarding enthusiast for a long time and I am always out on trails hiking and camping during the summer all over the state of Colorado, and that’s because I really just want to be out in nature as much as possible and love Colorado with all my heart.

So I definitely recommend that you consider living in Colorado at least once during your lifetime so that you can understand fully what all the hype is about and you can definitely understand why exactly I have chosen to settle down in what I think is the best state in the United States of America. So go out, chill, smoke some weed like me and learn to love Colorado because it is the best.